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Adult Indoor Session III September

  • Check Here for Weather/Field Updates:

    Adult Players and Teams, Lake Country Soccer (LCS) has implemented a new online registration/management system for teams and players that participate in activities at LCS.  As a result, each and every player must register online and create a profile within this system in order to be placed on a team to participate in activities at LCS.  As part of that process the system will ask them for payment, if the team is paying as a team (not individually) then they need to select (check) and when prompted for the check # simply enter (Team Pay).  After that the system will let them electronically accept the agreements and then on the last screen they will need to print the Lake Country Soccer Liability and Medical Release Form, which the system will pre-populate with all their information.  This must be signed and turned into LCS before they can participate.

    They will also need to provide proof of age (drivers license) one time to prove they are 18 years of age or older to participate in Adult Leagues.  In order to participate in Over 30 Leagues the proof of age will validate as well.  We need to have the players upload a copy of their photo as we prepare for player cards in the next session.

    The LCS system will allow a designated team administrator to control and  produce game rosters for each game that they can print out themselves before each game.  Team Administrators must remember to add themselves as a player as well to be eligible for the roster.

    Registration for Session III is CLOSED!

    Please be sure to select the correct session, Registration Option and Age Group.


    Key Dates:

    Fall 2013 Indoor Team Registration Deadline: August 9, 2013

    Non Refundable Deposit (Teams will not be scheduled until this payment is received) : August 9, 2013

    Fall 2013 Indoor League play begins: Week of August 26

    League Fee: Due by August 22, 2013

                             Team Fee: $585 ($485 after $100 non refundable deposit)

                             Individual Fee: $65 

    League Structure:

    • All games will be played Monday-Friday (No weekend games)
    • Games are 6 V 6 (5 players, 1 Goalie)
    • Maximum Roster size is 18 players
    • All players must have completed the Lake Country Soccer Medical Release Form
    • For further indoor rules please reference

    Indoor Rules of Competition

    For more information please contact:

    Bobbi Box
    League Administrator