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Middle School Boys

  • Check Here for Weather/Field Updates:

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    Key Dates:

    1.    August 13, 2013 - Deadline to submit t-shirt sizes to LCS

    • t-shirt sizes may be phoned in to Bobbi x106
    • t-shirt sizes may be emailed to
    • t-shirt sizes may be faxed to 862-5223 ATTN: Bobbi
    • Only the total number of t-shirts needed by sizes are to be submitted

    2.   August 7 - "F" Coaching Certification Class @ LCS 6:00p - 9:00p
    All coaches for middle school are required to have, at minimum, an "F" level coaching certificate.  Attendees MUST register online at  From the menu selection, click on "Coaching" then click in "Coaches Courses" then locate the Lake Country Soccer course from the calendar and complete the online registration process.  Middle School Coaches registration fees for this course at LCS are paid for by LCS.

    3.    August 13, 2013- Deadline to notify LCS of team designations
    Varsity, JV 1, and/or JV 2

    4.    August 20, 2013 - Deadline to submit player registration paperwork and fees.  All registration forms, scholarship forms and player registration fees MUST be in the LCS Office, no exceptions. Coaches meeting 6:00pm in Lake Country conference room. 

    5.    August 26, 2013:  Middle School League Begins

    • Varsity plays on Monday nights
    • JV 1 plays on Tuesday nights
    • JV 2 plays on Thursday nights
    • In the event of rainouts/cancellations;  Monday games automatically roll over to Wednesdays.  Tuesday games automatically roll over to Fridays.  Thursday games automatically roll over to Sunday afternoons.  Decisions regarding cancellations are normally made by 2:00pm in the afternoon of each game day.  In some cases, decisions are made at game time.  Cancellation notices are posted on the home page of the web site and also on the "Field Conditions and weather information" section of our voicemail system (press "4" when in the general voicemail system).

    7.      October 17,2013- Varsity single elimination tournament begins. 

    Coach Contact Information

    Bolivar Bill Vanhoornbeek; coach    

    Lisa Spalding; mgr

    Carver Steven Weber 417.207.3481
    Catholic Matt Wegenka 894-4934
    Cassville Kurt Berndt 417.437.1804
    Cherokee Keith Messerly 775-388-0838
    Greenwood Steve Brock     860-2716
    Jarrett Lynn Rathbun (mgr) 840-9261
    New Covenant Eric Crain     380-9264 
    Nixa Toby Powley 830-4515

    Lynn Rathbun 840-9261    
    Ozark Jason Williams 818-7114
    Pershing Sam Blaine
    Chonna Patterson
    Pleasant View Thomas Maerke 523-2157
    Willard Rich Collister         314-604-1569

    Field Layout Map - North

    Completed paper forms are required after completeing the online registration process for the middle school league.  Complete the MYSA membership form and the medical consent & liability release waiver online and print off for wet signature.  

    • Copy of Birth Certificate (required for proof of age)
    • MYSA - Medical Release Form (must be completed; and stays with coach)
    • Lake Country Soccer Liability and Medical Release Form

    Severe Weather USSF Position Paper

    Completed registration forms MUST be submitted to the listed team coach by the published deadline date.  Player registration fees ($65) must be submitted to the listed team coach by the published deadline date.  Make checks payable to "Lake Country Soccer."

    Questions about team activities should be directed to the listed team coach.  Questions about the league should be directed to Lake Country Soccer.

    For more information please contact:

    Bobbi Box
    League Administrator

  • Varsity

    Junior Varsity - 1

    Junior Varsity - 2