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Youth Outdoor Fall

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    Registration is now CLOSED for individuals who do not have a team!

    Registration is now CLOSED for New Independent Teams!

    Registration is now CLOSED for Minor Leagues!

    Registration is now CLOSED for Existing Team Registration!


    Key Dates:

    Fall 2013 League play begins Saturday:  August 24th

    LCS Outdoor Rules of Competition


    League(s) Structure:

    Major Leagues: 8 games 

    U19-Born on or after Aug. 1, 1994 11 v  11 18   $945 $15 ea    5
    U18 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 1995 11 v  11 18 $945 $15 ea 5
    U17 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 1996 11 v 11 18 $945 $15 ea 5
    U16 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 1997 11 v 11 18 $945 $15 ea 5
    U15 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 1998 11 v 11 18 $945 $15 ea 5
    U14 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 1999 11 v 11 18 $945 $15 ea     5
    U13 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 2000 11 v 11 18 $945 $15 ea 5
    U12 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 2001 11 v 11 18 $925 $15 ea     4
    U12 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 2001 8 v 8 14 $745 $15 ea 4
    U11 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 2002 8 v 8 14 $745 $15 ea 4
    U10 - Born on or after Aug. 1, 2003 8 v 8 14 $745 $15 ea 4
    U9 -   Born on or after Aug. 1, 2004 8 v 8 14 $745 $15 ea 4
    U8 -   Born on or after Aug. 1, 2005 5 v 5 10 $535 $15 ea 3
    U7 -   Born on or after Aug. 1, 2006 5 v 5 10 $535 $15 ea 3


    Minor Leagues:  
    6 Saturday games with a parent coach - Team t-shirts included with registration fee. All minor league players need to register individually on-line. When registering you can request team placement. NO paper registration forms are needed for this league. Register on-line only.
    League play begins Saturday, September 7  Registration deadline August 12

    AGE DIVISIONS FORMAT Roster Max Per Player Fee Ball
    Minor League 3 years old
    Born on/After Aug 1, 2010
    Small Sided 4 v 4      Roster = 8 $55 per player Size 3
    Minor League 4 years old
    Born on/after Aug 1, 2009
    Small Sided 4 v 4 Roster = 8 $55 per player     Size 3
    Minor League 5 years old
    Born on/after Aug 1, 2008
    Small Sided 4 v 4 Roster = 8 $55 per player Size 3
    Minor League 6 years old 
    Born on/after Aug 1, 2007
    Small Sided 4 v 4   Roster = 8 $55 per player    Size 3
    Minor League 7 years old 
    Born on/after Aug 1, 2006
    Small Sided 4 v 4 Roster = 8 $55 per player Size 3


    Guidelines for registration with Lake Country Soccer (LCS) Leagues:

    1. MYSA - LCS Membership Registration Form: is required for NEW players and coaches listed on the roster and playing for the team. Please make certain, that parents sign their child’s form at the bottom. Incomplete forms will be returned and not processed. Incomplete forms may delay or prevent children from playing in games. RETURNING players and coaches DO NOT have to submit paperwork for the 2013/2014 seasonal year

    2. New players are required to submit a copy of the birth certificate along with their MYSA membership form. New players are those who have not registered through LCS in prior years.

    3. League Fees:  A non-refundable credit card payment of $100 or check payable to LCS for $100 by July 29, per team.  Team will not be scheduled for play if the fee is not paid by the July 29th deadline.  Payment of the balance of the league fee MUST be made prior to August 16, 2013.

    4. DUAL ROSTER REQUEST FORM: – If you have a player who wishes to play on 2 different teams at Lake Country Soccer for outdoor leagues, the player MUST have a DUAL ROSTER REQUEST FORM signed by both team’s coaches and submitted with the PRIMARY team’s registration paperwork. Players playing on two teams MUST complete a MYSA Membership form for each team they are playing on. Each team must be competing in different divisions.

    5. SPECIAL REQUEST (CONFLICT) FORM: Each team is allowed to request 2 weekends off. If you request dates off, your team will be scheduled to play 1 to 2 double header Saturdays or will be scheduled on one or more weeknights. League games begin on Saturday, August 26th and tentatively scheduled to conclude on Saturday, October 20. NO GAMES SCHEDULED FOR SAT. OCT. 19 and SUN. OCT. 20 due to the Lake Country Soccer / Incredible Pizza Fall Classic Tournament

    Coaches: It is your responsibility to notify Lake Country Soccer, of the dates your team is NOT available to play by the July 29th deadline date. The requested days off MUST be noted on the online application. There is a possibility that your team could be scheduled to play on a weeknight in addition to the Saturday games, unless it is noted as to which weeknights your team is NOT available to play.

    8. Player Cards and Rosters:  LCS will utilize league issued player Cards and league roster for league games. Before every league game, Coaches in the major leagues will be required to present the referee with a photo copy of their player signed original roster and laminated cards for all players and coaches. Roster size limits and age restrictions will be enforced. 

    9. MYSA Medical Release and Liability Form:  The medical consent / liability release waiver must be kept with the coach at all practices and games. The form must be completed in full, signed by a parent/guardian but does NOT need to be notarized. This document is used in the event of injury to the player and the parent/guardian is not present.  The release is valid for as long as all information on the form is correct.

    10. Roster Changes:  Any modifications to your roster will need to be completed by your club registrar. Once changes are approved by the Lake Country Soccer Registrar, player cards and roster may be printed.

    11. Scholarships:  Scholarships are available to those individuals who receive free or reduced school lunch but does not apply to any player playing or rostered on a "Club" Team. To apply for a scholarship, please submit a completed scholarship application and supporting documentation with the child's MYSA Membership Form.  Application DOES NOT guarantee a scholarship award. 

    12. Required Coaching Certification:  All coaches at LCS must be certified with a minimum Youth Coaching Certificate (formerly called an  'F' License).

    13. Web Site Reminder:  Just a reminder, e-registration for individuals and team, signup information, league schedules, important dates and downloadable forms can all be found on our web site On-line registration only notifies LCS of your intention of playing at LCS, the non-refundable $100 registration fee must be in the LCS Office no later than July 29th for scheduling purposes.  Coaches are responsible for communication regarding all reschedule information to their respective players.

    14. Practices:  Please contact Katie Ellsworth at or Bobbi Box at or 417.862.3211 to schedule practices at any of the Lake Country fields/complexes or attend the practice field lottery meeting prior to each outdoor session.

    15. Individual players (house players):  These players sign up with LCS to be placed on a team. Please remember to indicate how many individual players your team can take if your team is looking for additional players to fill a roster.

    16. Pass Back Program:  LCS currently collects soccer cleats which we in turn pass on to those players who are under financial constraints. Please contact the LCS Office for assistance with this program.


    Documents Needed For Registration for LCS Leagues:

    MYSA-LCS Membership Registration Form

    Lake Country Soccer Liability & Medical Release Form

    MYSA Medical Release Form

    Coach Registration Form

    Coach Background Checks

    Contact Sheet and Rule

    Roster Change Form


    FAQ - Coach Registration / BACKGROUND CHECKS

    If I already SUBMITTED online at, do I need to do another one on Got Soccer?
    Yes, since all registrations for leagues and tournaments are now online through Got Soccer,  no coach, manager, or referee can be applied to a team or event unless they have done a background check through Got Soccer.

    What will this cost me?
    Nothing.  The state is incurring all background check costs.

    If I am a coach and a manager, and have multiple accounts, do I need to fill out multiple checks?
    Yes.  You will need to submit a report for each account you have, but the system applies a single background check to all accounts.  Just be sure that the data is identical.

    I do not have a coaches or manager account. How do I get one?
    Have your club registrar log in to their registrar account and create a coaches or manager account for you.  Lake Country Soccer's COACH REGISTRATION/MANAGER REGISTRATION hyperlinks will redirect to the appropriate account registration system.

    I have login information (username and password) but the system does not recognize it or says that it is 'Invalid'.
    Your username and password need to be reset.  The club registrar will be able to do this.

    My background check has been pending for a few days now.  What is the hold up?
    Your background check is pending because the report came back with a past infraction on it.  The office then will manually process the check to verify the individual's information and the infraction.  The office will contact the individual directly within the next few days.

    For more information please contact:

    Bobbi Box
    League Administrator