Middle School Boys Outdoor Fall 2022


ATTENTION: You will need to have a copy of a birth certificate and insurance information available while registering for Middle School Boys Soccer.  

Fees $95 per player which includes a team t-shirt

Scholarships - Available to those players who receive Free or Reduced lunch at school. After selecting player registration tab, scholarship application form is available.

Forms - Registrant must upload a copy of their birth certificate in order to participate. 


Monday, August 15, 2022 - DEADLINE for player registration.  (www.swmorush.org is the registration platform for Lake Country Middle School Soccer programs)


The Sports Connect REGISTRATION SYSTEM that we are required to use as a member of Missouri Youth Soccer is now charging all players a $2.50 registration fee. This fee is assessed by Sports Connect for using the system. 

Monday, August 29, 2022 - Middle School Boys Games Begin.  NO games will be played Monday, Sept. 5th


Monday, August 8, 2022 - DEADLINE for Team Designations - coaches must notify Alf Bilbao at alfb@lakecountrysoccer.org of how many teams their school will have and in what division (Varsity, JV1, and JV2). To clarify, JV2 is a very recreational division.

Friday, August 12, 2022 - Coaches DEADLINE to submit player t-shirt sizes to LCS

  • t-shirt sizes may be emailed or phoned in to Alf @ alfb@lakecountrysoccer.org/417-862-3211
  • Only the total number of t-shirts needed by size are to be submitted for each team

Monday, August 15, 2022 - DEADLINE for player registration. *Note: www.swmorush.org is the registration platform for Lake Country Middle School Soccer programs

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 - Rosters are due to LCS 

Coaching Requirements:  All coaches must be registered as a volunteer coach, certified with a minimum Youth Coaching Certificate, having completed a Coaches Background Check, Coaches CDC Training (concussion) as well as SafeSport Training.  You can find these here:  

Volunteer Coach: www.swmorush.org  (If you already have a family account, you can register as a volunteer there)

Missouri Youth Coaching Certificate: Missouri Foundation of Coaching Certificate

Coaches Background Check Link: Click Here

CDC HeadsUp (Concussion Testing) link: Click Here

SafeSport link:  Click Here


  • Varsity     JV1     JV2 
  • Decisions regarding cancellations are normally made by 2:00pm in the afternoon of each game day.  In some cases, decisions are made at game time.  Cancellation notices are posted on the home page of the web site and also on the "Field Conditions and weather information" section of our voicemail system (press "4" when in the general voicemail system).

Middle School Rules

There will be no Coaches Meeting.  All Information will be sent via email.

Middle School Contact List

School  Coach/Manager Email Phone
JV1 Tammy Van Hoornbeek vbeeks6@gmail.com  
JV1 Robert Mazilu robertmazilu@gmail.com (314) 833-9490
Manager Dave Brenner brennerd@branson.k12.mo.us (417) 300-2570
Contact TBD    
Contact TBD    
*Fair Grove      
JV2 Bob Florez obobo66@hotmail.com (417) 224-1616
*Hickory Hills      
Coach Mack Vincel mvinceljr@gmail.com (417) 818-7963
Coach Weston Tuttle weston7@live.com (417) 234-3208
Coach Billy McQueary whmcqueary@me.com  
Coach Brent Sonnemaker bsonnemaker@gmail.com  
*Home School      
Coach Jordan Beard jbeard31982@gmail.com (417) 880-1184
Asst. Coach Marc Reitzner   (417) 343-2859
JV2 HC John Frazier jfrazier@lebanon.k12.mo.us (417) 841-7307
JV2 AC Jeff Hinson jeff@shcclebanon.com (480) 262-0829
Logan Rogersville Please email alfb@lakecountrysoccer.org    (417) 862-3211
Marshfield Please email alfb@lakecountrysoccer.org    (417) 862-3211
*New Covenant      
JV1 Scott Nichols scottnichols12@yahoo.com  
Contact Eric Crain ecrain@newcovenant.net (417) 380-9264
Varsity Red David Lutzke dlutzke08@gmail.com (417) 693-4019
JV1  Joseph McFarland  joseph.mcfarland@gmail.com  
Manager Jamie Burton ozarksoccerms@gmail.com  
Varsity Neil Burton ozarksbest@hotmail.com (417) 234-9548
JV1 Marcus Euliss eulissm89@gmail.com  
Varsity Josh Hertel joccerman@yahoo.com (417) 234-5723
Pipken Please email alfb@lakecountrysoccer.org    (417) 862-3211
Pleasant View      
Contact TBD    
Contact TBD    
Springfield Catholic      
JV1 TBD    
Contact Marcie Cloud marciedcloud@gmail.com (928) 931-3609

Field Layout Map - North

For questions regarding middle school soccer, please call Alf Bilbao at 417-862-3211 or email alfb@lakecountrysoccer.org